top Web by WMC Corp What do you get when you put together a unique blend of instruments, creative arrangements, and 12 master musicians – many of them veterans of some of the biggest names in big band jazz?  You get Frank Basile’s 12tet – the biggest little band on the east coast! Consumate multi- reedist/arranger/composer Frank Basile has managed to put together a unique jazz album that is sure to please jazz lovers everywhere.  Steppin’ Up exemplifies what big band jazz is all about:  Creative writing, a unique sound, a tight blend of ensemble playing, a swinging and driving rhythm section, and plenty of room to just let the virtuoso soloists simply blow and show off their abundant technical skills and creativity. The soloists do just that!  From the “cool school” solos of tenorist Gerry Capuccio to the blistering rides of trumpeter Vinnie Cutro.  The versatile Trombonist Phillip Jones always pleases no matter what the tune. Trumpeter Marty Bound and Baritonist Roy Nicalosi offer melodic, tasteful contributions on several tracks.  Steve Benson and Joe Labelle (guitars) not only lay down the chord progressions but also contribute exciting solos on several tracks.  The rhythm section features some of the best in the business.  Local legend Bob DeBenedette offers thoughtful contributions on piano.  Master bassists  Takashi Otsuka, Alex Gressel, and Ron Naspo not only hold up the bottom of the band but offer exciting and innovative improvisations to boot.   Always driving the band forward with his usual rock solid rhythms and solos is Rick Visone on drums.  And, not to forget, the two musicians who help to create the unique sound, Steve Carr (tuba) and Leeann Newland (French Horn). Of course, kudos to the master himself:  Frank Basile.  Franks skills are demonstrated throughout this album from tune selection, arrangements, and his impeccable taste and performance skills on reeds.  This is an album that is sure to be enjoyed for years.  Tell your friends about it! ***************************************************** (Special thanks to Bassists Ron Naspo and Alex Gressel, and Guitarist Steve Bensen for their musical help in making this recording!)  Commentary By Dr. Louis A. Iozzi Jazz Historian, Critic, Author CD Avaiable:  direct from Frank Basile and now for sale on at CD Baby CD Avaiable:  direct from Frank Basile and now for sale on at CD Baby